Functional Imaging plays a growing role in radiology, providing quantitative biomarkers of organ or tumor function or dysfunction. Functional applications of imaging are present in most subspecialty societies but validation and diffusion of quantitative results for clinics require specific education, harmonization of methodologies with consensus.

Molecular Imaging in Radiology is a newer field for radiologists. Well developed in nuclear medicine, its applications to radiological techniques is more challenging. In 2007, ESR Research Committee was asked to found a Subcommittee of Molecular Imaging to develop a strategy for enhancing involvement of radiologists in this field. An opinion paper from leading radiologists was published in European Radiology in 2009: Grenier N, Sardanelli F, Becker CD, Walecki J, Sebag G, Lomas DJ, Krestin GP (2009) Development of molecular imaging in the European radiological community. Eur Radiol 19:533-536.
Therefore, in 2010, the ESR Executive Committee decided to set-up a new scientific society specifically dedicated to these two transversal topics, the European Society of Molecular and Functional Imaging in Radiology (ESMOFIR).

ESMOFIR was officially founded on December 9th in Budapest during the Annual Leadership meeting. This society wants to be representative of all radiologists interested and/or involved in Functional and Molecular Imaging. Representatives of all subspecialty societies are invited to participate actively in the activities of the society.
Conducted by an Executive Committee and supported by two scientific committees, ESMOFIR tasks will be to provide a scientific forum in Functional and Molecular Imaging and to promote education, research and recommendations in these fields among the radiological community.

Strong links with the European Society of Molecular Imaging (ESMI) have been built to avoid overlap and promote a fruitful scientific collaboration. Combined workshops and courses will be organized with ESMI and subspecialty societies under the auspice of ESR, ECR and ESOR.
We expect a large participation of enthusiastic radiologists to ESMOFIR tasks for an active development of our discipline in the direction of quantitative imaging.